What Causes Roof Leaks?

When a roof is installed it is the type of thing that, with a little general maintenance should last for many years. This being the case why is it that roof repair in Anne Arundel County is frequently required? There are a number of reasons, the following are the main ones.

Poor construction: As a result in the shaky economy contractors who are bidding on new construction projects are looking for ways to put in a winning bid against fierce completion. One of the ways they do this is to cut corners. Sometimes the contractor is forced to put the roof on during unfavorable weather conditions, if moisture gets trapped under the roofing shingles or other material it can lead to early deterioration and roof failure.

It is unfortunate but cost cutting exercises are cropping up in the guise of inadequate insulation, poorly constructed roof decking and the use of inferior quality materials. It is not uncommon to see a roof leak shortly after it has been installed.

Normal aging: A roof is something that can last a good number of years but it does begin to deteriorate on the day it is installed. The enemy of any roof is the weather, it is subjected to ultra violet rays from the sun, pounding rain, sleet, hail and snow as well as being buffeted by what can be gale force winds. Over time the sun dies out the roofing paper which weakens the mat. As the sun slowly bakes the tar and oil out of the roof mat it becomes brittle and will crack. Once this happens it only takes a change in the temperature to cause expansion which results in a roof leak.

Mechanical damage: It is not uncommon, especially in commercial installations to use the roof as the base for many pieces of heavy equipment such as air conditioners, antenna, supports for signage, etc. This puts additional weight on the roof and it also means there is going to be more foot traffic as this equipment needs attention. Every time a maintenance technician is on the roof there is the distinct possibility that damage will happen. Using a ladder can damage flashing which results in a leak.

Vibrations: Vibrations from natural causes such tremors can strain the roof causing failure. Even homes and buildings that are not located in a danger area are still subjected to tremors from passing vehicles, railroads and heavy truck traffic.

There are many reasons for having to undertake roof repair in Anne Arundel County, it is the wise homeowner who keeps a sharp eye for any damage which if left undone can turn into major issues.

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