Ways to Use a Private Investigator in NYC

There are many times when people become unsure about who they are with. Their significant other starts working later hours. They don’t come home as often as they used to. Something just seems suspicious about it. That is when a private investigator is hired. Infidelity is not the only way to use a private investigator, however. A private investigator in NYC can be used in many different ways.

Child Custody Battles
Whenever there is a battle for child custody, each parent has to do their best to convince the judge why the other parent is not the right one to take care of the child. Many turn to an investigator to help prove their points. If the other parent is doing anything they shouldn’t, such as neglecting the child, drinking a lot, or having multiple partners in and out of their home, the investigator will catch this on film and give the judge the proof they need.

When divorce occurs because of an unfaithful spouse, proof is often needed. If their spouse can prove they cheated, or are seeing someone now before the divorce is even final, then it will mean they will have a much more difficult time getting what they want in court. The judge will be more inclined to rule in the favor of the one who was cheated on.

Criminal Activity
If there is any sort of criminal activity going on with someone, whether it is an employee of a business owner or someone else, an investigator will help to prove it. They will help to uncover hidden assets, safety deposit boxes, and off-shore accounts. This will be good evidence in court, most likely resulting in jail time for the one partaking in this sort of activity.

Background Checks
Many people find dates online nowadays. They see a profile, begin to chat, and decide to meet up. The person they are meeting may not be who they say they are though. An investigator can help to perform a thorough background check, ensuring the person is exactly who they say, and not lying about their identity.

For anyone who needs proof of something, whether it is cheating, criminal activity, or even identity, a private investigator will help them obtain it. Whether the average person is hiring them, or it is a high-profile business owner, the investigator will do their best to provide the information that they need.

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