Understanding Rf Ablasion OKC

Radiofrequency ablation, often referred to as Rf Ablasion OKC, is a type of procedure that is used to reduce the pain someone is experiencing. It occurs with an electrical current that produces a radio wave that heats up a small portion of nerve tissue, which will decrease the pain signals that are felt from that particular area. Some of the specific parts of the procedure are highlighted here.

Conditions Treated with Rf Ablasion OKC

This procedure is used for treating any patient that has any case of long-lasting or chronic neck or lower back pain that is related to the actual degeneration of joints due to arthritis.

How Long with the Pain Relief from RFA Last?

The level of pain relief will vary from patient to patient and due to factors such as the location and the cause of the pain. The actual time period for the pain relief from the Rf Ablasion procedure will last from six up to 12 months, and there are some cases where the pain relief that is experienced will last for several years. Studies have shown that up to 70 percent of patients that were treated with this procedure experienced some level of pain relief.

Is this Procedure Safe?

It has been proven, time and time again, that Rf Ablasion is an effective and a safe way to successfully treat a number of different types of pain. Patients also tend to tolerate this treatment very well, with only a few complications associated with it. There is a small chance that you may experience bleeding or an infection at the insertion site, but your doctor will be able to provide you with more information regarding your particular risk.

Does the Procedure Have any Side Effects?

The number one side effect of this procedure is a small level of discomfort, which includes bruising and swelling at the treatment site; however, this is generally gone within a couple days of the procedure.

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