Truck Accessories in Cameron Park, CA: The Benefits of Truck Camper Shells

Many people think that they need to have a lot of gear to enjoy a camping trip. They think that they need tents, furniture, air mattresses, and other gear that is not only expensive, it can take up a lot of space, making it difficult to travel with. There is another option that is much more convenient, and allows anyone to camp at any place, and at any time, without needing to worry about finding a place to pitch a tent. All they need to do is install truck camper shells on the backs of their half ton trucks. Browse website for more information.

Most of these Truck Accessories in Cameron Park, CA are no taller than the top of the truck cabs. But, there are larger models available that are taller and provide more room. Some will even go over the top of the truck cabs, which is often the preferred style for those who like to do a lot of camping. They camper shells are typically made from fiberglass or aluminum, and they are lightweight. Not only are they inexpensive to buy, they will not cause a lot of drag due to weight, and do not make trucks harder on gas. They come in many colors, so they will match any truck color.

There is not a lot of maintenance involved when one installs a camper shell on their truck. They can be washed when the trucks are washed, and the foam seal should be checked every six months. This is what keeps the shell water tight. Worn foam seals can also lead to scratches and other damage to the truck rails. As long as they are checked regularly, camper shells should last for many years without needing to be replaced.

Camper shells are fairly simple to install, as long as trucks have bolts at the bed corners. If there are no bolts, clamps will need to be put into place before the shells can be installed. To save the time and effort, it is often better to simply let professionals do the work instead. Visit Vintage Transport to find the best camper shells, and have them professionally installed.

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