Tips for Hiring the right Roofer in Middletown

Constructing or repairing a roof is a huge investment that will cost you a lot of money. Hiring roofing contractors entails placing your own safety and that of your family in their hands. It is therefore imperative that you find a qualified and reliable roofing contractor who will give you good value for your money. Below are some tips that will assist you in hiring a roofer in Middletown.

Ask for a written proposal and contract

Your prospective roofing contractor should supply you with written proposal containing such details as: The contractor’s physical address, phone number and permanent place of business. The contract should provide you with the necessary information including: Project description, materials being used, warranties, estimated start and termination date, the operational costs and conditions of payment among others.

Ensure that the roofer is licensed

Research the licensing requirements of roofers by your state. In case your state requires that the roofing contractor be licensed, only work with those bearing the appropriate license for your area, just to be on the safe side in the event that things go wrong.

Make sure that the roofer has insurance

Check to ensure that your potential roofer has both the workers’ compensation insurance as well as the general liability insurance. To this end, require the production of insurance certificates. This will save you from incurring unnecessary expenses in the event that a roofer or his employee gets injured while working on your property.

Require the production of references

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Qualified roofers should posses a list of references from contented customers for whom they have previously worked. You can also obtain references by making inquiries from neighbors, family, and friends who may have worked with a particular contractor. This should enable you to gauge the reputation of individual roofers to determine how well they are likely to complete your project.

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