Tips for Homeowners on Performing Routine Air Conditioning Service in Midlothian, TX

One of the key units of an air conditioning system is the condenser or compressor unit that is generally housed outside of the home on a concrete slab near the house. This unit is where the refrigerant or Freon is converted from a low-pressure gas to the high-pressure liquid that the evaporator needs in order to cool the air in the home. To make sure that this unit is operating well, most homeowners would do well to spend time before summer starts in servicing and checking the unit for any damage or other issues that might require the assistance of an Air Conditioning Service in Midlothian, TX.

Since this unit is located outside, it is prone to gather a lot of dirt, leaves, lawn cuttings and other matter. A homeowner will want to makes sure the power is off to the unit before they begin to remove as much of this matter as they can. This may involve removing some of the various panels that cover the unit so that one can clean all areas of the unit.

While the panels are of it can be a good time to clean the fins on the unit. These are the small aluminum slats on the unit. They can be cleaned with a brush and/or a vacuum. A fin comb can be used to correct any fins that might be bent. Once the fins are cleaned, the coils will also need to be cleaned. This can be done using a high-pressure nozzle attached to a garden hose. Care should be taken not to get water on the motor or other electrical parts.

It is important to spend some time visually inspecting the unit as well. If any electrical wiring or connections are loose or appear damaged, they will need to be inspected by a professional from a repair company, such as Circle L Services. In addition, the fan should also be inspected to make sure it is not cracked or showing any other signs of damage that need repairs.

After the housing panels are replaced on the unit, the homeowner will want to consider the area around the unit. It is important that the unit have a clear area around it from which to draw the air that it needs to function. This may mean that patio furniture, toys or miscellaneous items need to be moved from the area.


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