Tips for Concrete Demolition in Minnesota

Concrete demolition is a time and energy-consuming task in general, and it is even more so when you do not do it efficiently. Use the following tips on Concrete Demolition in Minnesota to ensure that you use the best tools and techniques to get the job done.

Use a sledgehammer for thin concrete – For lightweight concrete demolition jobs such as small slabs no more than four inches thick, it is best to utilize a sledgehammer. Thinner concrete is easier to break down manually. Use a heavy sledgehammer to break up concrete into smaller pieces to haul away or recycle.

Use a jackhammer for thicker concrete – For large scale concrete demolition jobs or slabs of very thick concrete it is best to use a demolition hammer, also known as a jackhammer. Jackhammers are tools that combine the functions of a chisel and a hammer into a powerful piece of equipment that easily breaks up concrete, rocks and pavement. Jackhammers take about the same amount of time to break up concrete as sledgehammers, but tend to be must easier on the body, which allows you to get more demolition work done at once.

Use bolt cutters to cut wire – During demolition you are likely to come across mesh reinforcing steel while breaking concrete apart. This reinforcing wire often makes it difficult to completely separate pieces of concrete to haul away or recycle. A simple way to overcome this obstacle is to use bolt cutters to cut the wires away as you remove chunks of concrete.

Cover concrete with a plastic sheet to prevent flying chips – A common issue that demolition teams encounter while removing concrete is pieces of the concrete slab flying around while the surface is being broken up. Flying shards of concrete present hazard and can lead to physical harm, broken glass and damage to other nearby surfaces. A simple technique for removing this hazard is to spread a thick sheet of plastic over the concrete surface before breaking it up. The plastic acts as a barrier that traps shards and dust inside completely.

Use these simple tips for Concrete Demolition in Minnesota. For fast and efficient concrete demolition, utilize professionals like Nitti Roll-off and Demolition Services. They have the tools, techniques and experience necessary to remove your unwanted concrete quickly and easily.


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