Get Value for Your Marketing Budget

Digital marketing has more to give when it comes to powering your brand, but not just any agency can plug and play, as there is a fine art to it.

Simply parading your product or service on a website is not enough to multiply your competitive edge. Your strategic online marketing partner must connect you with the right people and amplify understanding of what your business delivers.

The marketing agency you hire must connect and amplify the digital dots. To get value for your marketing budget that hits return on investment out of the park, digital marketing agency New Heven clearly shares your brand’s benefits.

Here are seven steps to guide thinking when choosing an agency.

1. The marketing agency you hire will determine whether your business succeeds or not. Choose a company you can trust to convey your brand message in the way you want it to be portrayed. Key messaging needs to be to the point and should convey what your brand does for the customer or end-user.

2. An agency must provide you with strategic online marketing, presenting not just data, but insights that add value to your triple bottom line. Your online marketing strategy must be aligned with your business strategy. Learnings gleaned from data must be translated into insights and should communicate your strategic story.

3. It goes without saying that the marketing agency should be reputable and professional, with a track record of success. Ask them for case studies, and don’t be shy to speak to their clients for firsthand reviews. Your agency should also be part of credible organizations. In South Africa, these include the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IaB).

4. Digital communications gives you communications speed. The agency you partner with needs to support you with relevant and rapid implementation. The agency you hire should be Google accredited, which is earned through maintaining a certain amount of digital spend and the completion of a set range of training courses.

5. A professional internet marketing firm will have the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to take your company to the next level quickly and without hassle. The nature of digital communications is ‘now’ with a ‘what’s next’ mindset. A digital agency team typically includes a digital manager and a range of specialists in SEO, adwords, and social media.

6. A strategic online marketing agency has a Google consultant.

7. Your agency of choice should be flexible and able to adjust to the evolving advertising and marketing environment. The advertising world in particular is fast-changing as traditional media merges with digital media platforms. Your chosen team should have a strategic and tactical grasp on these dynamics, as well as the ability and network to navigate them with ease.

A reputable, integrated advertising agency based in New Haven is The Janice Christopher Agency. This professional team with heart delivers strategic online marketing results, bringing together brand communications, business performance, marketing, and media strategies digitally.

Contact The Janice Christopher Agency today through their website or via email.

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