The Dangers and Health Hazards of Working With or Around Diesel Fumes

Diesel engines are part and parcel of many industries. They are a powerful tool that will be around for a while. Unfortunately, those working around diesel engines can develop adverse health conditions that affect the quality and pace of their lives. Under certain circumstances, the law allows these workers to receive compensation for their injuries.

Diesel Exposure Injuries

Workers may experience a myriad of problems from exposure to diesel. Short-term exposure can cause mild to severe irritation of the nose, throat, eyes, and other delicate human membranes. It can also cause vomiting, dizziness, and headaches.

Long-term exposure to diesel exhaust and fumes is much more dangerous. The cardiovascular and the cardiopulmonary systems can both become severely compromised by long-term exposure, which can and often does lead to more severe health problems. In some cases, workers can even develop cancer.


Fortunately, there are protections in place for those working around diesel. Improvements have been made over the years to make working with diesel safer. Also, legislation has evolved over the years that cover miners and other workers who handle diesel regularly.

Finding a Diesel Fumes Lawyer

The laws and regulations are positive for the industry. However, the existence of these laws doesn’t ensure that they will be obeyed. Workers still suffer around diesel regularly.

When an injury occurs, workers aren’t automatically compensated for their injuries. The company employing the injured worker will most likely have lawyers fighting, so they pay nothing or very little. To truly receive the compensation they deserve, injured parties in most cases have to hire a diesel fumes lawyer.

A skilled diesel fumes lawyer will fight to get you the compensation you deserve, for your injuries and for your life. Here at Diesel Injury Law, your well-being is our focus.

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