The Benefits of Custom Fabrication in Phoenix, AZ

Many racers and automotive repair specialists got into the field because, as children, they loved taking things apart and figuring out how they went back together. Now, making money at it is a great bonus. As lucrative as the auto repair industry is, it comes with some stiff competition. To gain and keep a competitive advantage, shops must hire skilled labor, choose the right equipment, and use innovative methods of Custom Fabrication in Phoenix, AZ.

It’s Not Just a Fix, It’s a Restoration

Auto repair shops that also specialize in fabrication are likely to bring in more business than garages with a narrow focus. Most customers prefer to get all their work done in one stop, for the sake of convenience. Fabrication is a great way for businesses to provide that one-stop service.

With top-quality metal manufacturing, repair shops can replace rare parts and provide quality restorations of muscle cars and antiques. Customers won’t have to hunt down parts that are no longer in production, as a fabricator can build them from scratch. With bending, cutting, machining, welding, and other fabrication techniques, it’s easy.

From Sheet Metal to Finished Product

Custom Fabrication in Phoenix, AZ requires the fabricator to go through several stages. All projects start with the design phase. Some customers have a look in mind already, and therefore provide prototypes.

The building stage involves the shaping and cutting of components to fit the customer’s specifications. Many fabricators use CNC (computerized numerical controls) for greater accuracy. At this point, they may use cutting, bending, rolling, and other methods to create parts.

Finally, the fabricator will refine the product, strengthening it and ensuring that it can be safely used. From there, it’s ready to install.

How Fabrication Benefits Repair Shops

Metal fabrication makes it much easier for shops to make new parts when rare pieces aren’t available. It’s possible to offer custom parts, offer corrosion and collision repair services, and build trims and bumpers (which competitors may not provide.

At Cordes Performance Racing, they offer a wide range of automotive parts and components to make your four-wheeled machine the best it can be. If there’s any uncertainty as to which parts are best, a friendly, knowledgeable team member will help. Whether it’s getting ready for the occasional track day or building a dedicated race machine, they’ve got it covered.

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