The Benefits of Buying a Used Japanese Engine

Are you a car owner experiencing engine trouble or in need of a new engine? Are you tired of paying so much for brand spanking new car engines when you suspect a used engine will do just fine? Buying a used Japanese Engine is a smart choice that will save you money without sacrificing quality.

Why Buy a Used Japanese Engine?

Japan is unique in that it is the only country in the entire world which requires Japanese vehicle owners to discontinue usage of their cars by law after only four to five years of use. Many of these engines also have not even seen much use, as many Japanese people elect to take the bullet train to work on weekdays, and only use their cars on weekends.

Moreover, there are very few auto body shops, salvage yards, or after-market parts as there are in the United States. The implications of all this is

that a Used Japanese Engine is a smart purchase, in that it is cheaper than new engines, but still of high quality, coming from Japan, the heart of auto manufacturing, and having seen not much use is still relatively new and on par with a completely new engine.

Rigorous Tests

You can rest assured that your Used Japanese Engine will have undergone thorough quality control checks prior to it arriving in your hands. A good seller will always run rigorous tests on the engine prior to putting it up for sale, to ensure that you, the customer, are receiving a quality product that will keep you safe and out of harm way. The most efficient test is the Ultra 5 Test, which entails the following 5 parts:

*  Compression Test

*  Leak Down Test

Oil Pressure

*  Sludge Check

Final Overall Inspection

Be careful when buying from lesser quality used engine sellers in the United States, as they often have more limited warranties (only 30 days, as opposed to a more ideal three to six month warranty) and do not run these same kinds of rigorous tests on the vehicle prior to selling to customers.

Choice of Brands

Japan is one of the most prolific and foremost manufacturers of vehicles in the world. Therefore, it would make sense that you can find Japanese engines in almost every major brand, from Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Lexus, Acura, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Scion, Infiniti, and Suzuki.


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