Simple Tips For AC Repair And Maintenance In Chicago

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The air conditioning unit of your home is an exceptional piece of equipment that’s very important. During those hot summer months your unit works to keep you cool and comfortable by beating the heat. Since they’re so important it’s vital that you work to routinely maintain them and make repairs when necessary. That being said, let’s look at a few tips for AC repair in Chicago.

Does your AC unit not get cold at all? If this happens you shouldn’t panic. The most obvious solution is that the AC unit needs to be cleaned. In order to clean your unit you’re going to first need to turn it off and shut it off at the circuit breaker. After this, begin removing and brushing any debris that’s around the compressor outside. Many compressors have grass growing around them, or some other type of debris, that prevents the machine’s airflow. At this point you then want to remove the grille from the compressor and brush away any excess dirt that’s plaguing the fans on the inside. If the dirt is too difficult to remove with a brush, it would be safe to use a hose to spray it off.

Sometimes it’s not that the unit doesn’t get cool enough but that it doesn’t come on at all. Again, don’t panic and assume you need a technician for AC Repair And Maintenance in Chicago. You want to first check the thermostat to make sure that it’s set to cool and also that it’s on “auto” and not “fan”. If everything is fine at the thermostat, you’ll then want to check the circuit breaker. Why? Sometimes units overload or malfunction and ‘kick off.’ Check the breaker for the unit to see if it tripped and then reset it.

Is your unit leaking water? Some people have reported flooding around the indoor system. As these units provide cool air to your home they’re producing heavy amounts of condensation at the same time. The condensation is suppose to travel outside through a series of pipes and tubes. However, these tubes can sometimes become clogged with dirt and debris as well. When they do the condensation that’s produced begins to backup, which is what causes the flooding. Use a wet/dry vacuum to suck out the debris in the piping. Contact Deljo Heating & Cooling today to schedule a repair appointment.

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