Simple Maintenance Tips For Air Conditioning in Phoenix Arizona

Summer time is here, and that means high temperatures are upon us. Depending on where you reside you could expect to see triple digit temperatures. The one thing you’re overlooking – but probably relying on the most – is your air conditioner. The last thing you need is to have your air conditioner suddenly malfunction. With some of these hot temperatures you wouldn’t last a week in your own home. Let’s take a look at a few maintenance and repair tips you can use to keep your air conditioner running smooth.

The one thing most people forget to do is have their air conditioning units regularly serviced. You can’t continue running your unit year after year without having it inspected. Some people wait years before they have a professional technician take a look at their unit. Technicians at Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc Phoenix Arizona will likely recommend that your unit is serviced at least once a month. Newer units can be serviced every other year.

Don’t forget about your air conditioner’s filter. Air handlers are equipped with filters for the sake of air quality. The filters are meant to catch allergens and dust that occupy the air inside the home. However, the longer the unit runs the more the filter traps debris. Soon the filter will become clogged with debris and will need to be changed. Try changing your filters once every three or four months. A clogged filter will prevent air from flowing freely. As a result, the unit will have to work harder to keep the home cool. If the unit struggles too much, it’ll need to be fixed by a service for Air Conditioning Phoenix Arizona offers.

While on the subject of air flow you should also pay close attention to the condenser unit outside. Often times condenser units are located around bushes, trees, and long grass. Occasionally the condenser coils and fan will become covered with grass and leaves. It’s important these areas are free from obstruction, because this also affects how the entire unit runs.

These are just a few of the maintenance tips you should follow. Remember to have your unit serviced regularly by a trained technician for Air Conditioning Phoenix Arizona has available. Also make sure that the filter in your air handler, and the condenser coils outside, are both free from as much debris as possible. Click here for more information.

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