What is saline breast augmentation?

There are two different ways to enlarge the breast, either with silicone implants or saline implants, both of which are commonly offered by a Beverly Hills CA breast augmentation surgeon. Saline implants are inserted on the chest and once positioned properly are filled with a saline solution to the degree of fullness that the patient and surgeon have decided upon. Saline breast implants are widely approved and considered very safe. Like any cosmetic surgery there are pros and cons that need to be taken into account just as there are pros and cons of saline over silicone breast implants.

When a woman is considering Beverly Hills CA breast augmentation there areĀ a number of pre-operative decisions that must be made. With saline breast implants the woman, normally in consultation with the surgeon must decide on the size, shape and texture of the implants. Once these basic decisions are made a payment plan is arranged if necessary and the implant surgery is scheduled.

Breast augmentation using silicone implants differs considerably from saline implant augmentation. Saline implants tend to feel harder than the natural breast tissue, silicone implants are better at mimicking the natural feel of a breast. Silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel where saline implants are filled after implantation. A particular benefit with saline breast implants is that the incision is considerably smaller and can be made in a discrete location such as through the navel or even under the arm as the implant is not yet filled. Advancements in plastic surgery minimize the differences between saline and silicone gel implants; saline implants are getting to the point where they closely mimic the feel of natural breasts and surgeons are finding ways to better hide any scars when silicone implants are placed.

Over time saline breast implants deflate, they are not intended to last a lifetime. When this happens the breasts return to their pre-op condition. When the implants eventually do deflate the surgeons usually suggest that the implant be removed and at the same time a new implant is inserted through the same incision.

Although almost all Beverly Hills CA breast augmentation surgery is hugely successful there are the odd times when the woman may lose sensation especially in the nipple or there may be scar tissue which affects the shape of the breast. This loss of sensation issues are usually short lived but if it becomes necessary additional surgery can be performed to reduce the implant size or reposition it.

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