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A roof serves a number of purposes above and beyond keeping our belongings safe from the ravages of Mother Nature; a sturdy, well-built roof will add to the overall structural integrity of your home, provide thermal protection from the heat and cold of our climate, and improve the overall appearance of your home, adding to its curb appeal and increasing the home’s value. As any of the roofing companies in Pueblo area can attest, our weather eats into the estimated 20 years that the average roof is expected to last.

The temperature changes, winds, and precipitation take their toll, which is why it is so vitally important not to take your roof for granted. Regular inspections of your roof and gutters can do a lot to increase the life of your roof and protect your home and its contents. You can get your roof inspected for free and, if there are issues that need to be dealt with, you can even receive a free estimate on what the repairs will cost you. Naturally, the associated costs are determined by the severity of any roof damage as well as how big an area is affected.

If your roof is only suffering from some missing or damaged shingles, for instance, that is a fairly minor and inexpensive repair. If, however, your roof has sustained some more serious storm damage, it may need to be re-roofed, which will be more expensive and require more time to fix. In the event of catastrophic roof damage, either from falling trees or limbs, or a weather-related collapse, your roof may need to be completely replaced, which is the most expensive and invasive kind of roof work to have done. Since your insurance company will need to be involved in these repairs, Roofing Companies in Pueblo will be happy to assist you with the claim procedures from start to finish, and they’ll do it free of charge.

They realize that, at these times, you have better things to do than wade through paperwork, and they have the extensive experience required to handle it properly. Cornerstone Roofing and Gutter can handle any and all roofing issues you may encounter, from repairs and inspections to brand new roofs and even gutter cleaning. Licensed and bonded, with over 40 years of experience, they want to be your go-to guys in roofing.

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