Roofing 101: How Does Weather Affect Roof Installation in Norfolk, VA?

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Roofing

When hiring a roofing contractor in Norfolk, VA, timing is everything. The current season at the time of your installation can affect the project, from booked-up contractors to constant rainfalls.

How Does Weather Affect Roof Installation in Norfolk, VA?It helps to learn how the weather in each season can affect your roof installation in places such as Norfolk, VA.


Summer offers warmer weather and longer days; you never have to worry about ice and snow. While the summer months are usually favorable for roofing installations, this is also a period when contractors are booked. Therefore, you must schedule your roofing project several weeks or months in advance.


Roofing installations are a challenge in winter because of the inclement weather, cold temperatures, and shorter days. For instance, asphalt shingles cannot be installed in nearly freezing temperatures. Projects that take place during winter may see more delays than during summer.

Spring And Fall

Spring and fall are more appropriate for roofing installations than winter, but these seasons do present challenges. In some areas, spring or fall may bring scattered rainstorms. If you are planning a roofing installation for these seasons, it is important to understand the weather patterns and plan accordingly.

Roofing Installations in The Rain

If the underlayment is installed and the rain is light, contractors may continue the project. However, construction during moderate to heavy rain may need to be paused until the weather improves.

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