The Roles Of The Traditional And New Media in Branding

Advertising and branding are linked. They define and redefine one another. Traditional media has always recognized branding. Companies, and their preferred brand design agency, have worked within traditional media to create and establish brands. They have used it to help rebrand a product or expand the current market of a specific product’s brand. With the rise of new forms of media, brand design agencies have had to reconsider certain aspects of their approach. In certain ways, the new media creates a relationship between the consumer and the company that is different from that existing between traditional forms used for advertising.

The Brand Design Agency and Traditional Media

Traditional media refers to print, radio and television. These are still valid markets for product display and advertising. Branding companies utilize them to introduce a new brand and rebrand an old one. The fight for supremacy continues to happen on these media.

Print was the first format for branding. Radio followed. Television opened up the floodgates. It resulted in the creation of certain brands that expanded beyond local boundaries. It also resulted, in the founding of many a brand design agency. These companies helped to create and market products and services. Some of them produced icons that remain today e.g. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Palmolive.

The interaction between the company and the consumer, established by the company and maintained by them and the brand designer agency, was one-way. There were means of expressing disapproval of the product, but these tended to be limited in their capability to bring about changes in policy and rarely, if ever affected branding practices. This was to change with the entrance of the new media.

The Brand Design Agency and the New Media

It becomes harder and harder to define the new media. It had changed and continues to alter as different technological devices appear. New media first referred to computers. They made it possible for companies to consider accessing a wide market – even if the business was small in scale and had never gained notice outside of its own region.

Today, the new media embraces more than a basic computer. It encompasses a wide range of electronic devices. These are digital, social and mobile. They provide a very different experience than television and radio ever did or could. If nothing else, the availability of material, product information, company morals and other related information has done much to affect the relationship between a brand design agency, the company, the brand and the media.

Computers, iPads, iPhones, SmartPhones and other technology create social networks. These interact with other networks across a country and around the globe. They produce communities, some with diverse aims; others have the same. They provide feedback, unsought and sometimes unwanted, on a variety of topics and products. They provide information in reviews on branded products and the company who makes them.

The result of this interaction means a change in how a brand design agency can create and launch a product’s brand. Not only is less feasible to separate what a company does from its products, it is also important to include the consumer in on what they expect from a company and their brands. Furthermore, the new media requires a different type of storytelling to entrench the new product. The creation f a brand requires the ability to produce a multisensory concept that will carry well online. It means an online presence for the product and a company with interactive devices. For a brand design agency, the new media means becoming truly inclusive,

In the past, traditional media such as print and television have produced a top down form of branding. While that is still feasible and even continues to work, a brand design agency now finds it essential to understand the new media. It is crucial to be able to work within a form that can review it a brand and send their impression worldwide in an instant. If the branding is to be successful, it has to take into consideration both the positive and negative effects of the latest technology and create a strong brand that can utilize the best and avoid the worst.

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