Reasons Why Septic Tank Repair in Easton PA is Worthwhile

A septic tank is a waste sewage system used in homes and some businesses when access to a public sewage environment is unavailable. These are typically rural or out of the way locations but can include temporary installations as well. It’s a technology which has been around for over a century and believed to have originated in France. The French inventor John Mouras is credited with it’s creation and was granted a French patent in 1881. The septic tank came to the United States in 1883 and it is thought to have been taken to Africa a little later by the British navy. The typical standard tank is one thousand to two thousand gallons. It will usually have two inspection holes as well as an inlet hole and an outlet hole. The outlet hole connects to a distribution system which leeches the excess water from the system.

Once installed a septic system requires minimal maintenance. The owner or property maintainer should perform periodic inspections for water puddling around the tank or field lines which could indicate the tank is full or the field lines have clogged or collapsed. The more important maintenance step is tank cleaning. The cleaning schedule will depend on the size of the tank as well as it’s usage. A homeowner with a septic system properly designed for their house can usually go three years between tank cleanings. Should you find yourself uncertain, Septic Tank Repair Easton PA can provide proper advice and inspect your system.

Sometimes the problem is more than a simple tank pump can relieve. Clogged or broken field lines can often require the services of Septic Tank Repair Easton PA. You might suspect this type of problem if your tank has a tendency to require more frequent pumping or doesn’t seem to be draining water properly.

At other times you may be in more desperate need. While the septic tank is a durable system they have been known to crack or break. Shifts of the earth or heavy equipment can easily damage your septic system and require the services of Septic Tank Repair Easton PA. In many areas the installation and repair of septic tanks are regulated and cannot be handled without licensed contractors.

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