Protect Your Home Investment With Roof Repair in Marlboro

For most families, the home will be the most expensive item they ever purchase. In order to protect this investment, they will need to spend a little time and money for maintenance and repairs. One of the most important areas to focus on is the roof. The roof of a house serves some very important functions. It is an important structural component that provides integrity to the whole building. For many homes, the roof provides both looks and style and, in many cases, acts as an architectural feature. Last, but not least, the roof is there to keep Mother Nature out. Exposure to the elements is the quickest way to destroy a home. This is especially true with water, which can destroy most of the materials in a home.

It is important to keep your roof checked in order to avoid expensive Roof Repair in Marlboro. With a number of homes, you can climb into the attic and check for signs of leaks. You will typically see indications of a leak as stains on the wood. For instance, a leak through the decking will often look like a discolored ring. You usually see a darker color because the oils in the shingles taint the rain. Another indicator of a water problem is flaking, warping, or crumbling of the OSB (oriented strand board) used on many newer homes. While this product provides a reasonably reliable decking material, it doesn’t always handle water very well, which makes routine inspections even more important. A few minutes staring at the underside of your roof could save your home from a major roof rebuild.

If the roof develops a leak, it may not be the fault of the shingles. Every roof has extra details, such as attic exhaust vents or sewage vent pipes. In some cases, there may be features in the home, like exhaust fans in bathrooms. Each of these items needs special attention when the roofing is installed. Likewise, the roofer needs to focus areas where a wall meets the roof. Areas such as dormers, room additions, or a partial story may require flashing to ensure an adequate seal. Unfortunately, these areas are also subject to leaks and water damage. If your home has developed a leak and is in need of Roof Repair in Marlboro, contact the experts at Majestic Exteriors for solutions.

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