How To Prepare For Winter With A Roofer In San Antonio

While it may be getting cold and blustery outside, don’t let that scare you away from doing much needed work around the home before the rain and snow weather hit. Obviously, there are places in the country that have more rain and snow, but there is nothing like the cold seasons to wreak havoc on a homeowner and the much needed weather proofing that can ward off the nastiest of winter conditions.

Because of the wind you probably already know that your gutters around the home can fill up quickly with leaves and debris. This is one of the number one reasons why you may need a Roofer San Antonio during an emergency situation involving a roof leak. The debris that backs up will then quickly allow for rain, snow and ice to build up and with only one way to go into the roof. Easily you can see how the buildup under the roof will cause leaks on the inside of the home.

If you have noticed any problems on the inside of the home, wait for a dry day to take a walk around the roof. Never do this work alone as the conditions are awkward at best when you are working on the roof. Wear rubber soled shoes and grab a flashlight even if it is the middle of the day. Take a look at the joists in the roof as this is where water, snow and ice can set and cause damage. Again, clear the roof and gutters of all leaves or debris that can be causing an area on your roof where water, snow or ice can sit.

The roof of a home covers as much as 75% of the exterior of a residence. Also, because of the height and angle of a roof the maintenance part of owning a home can be intimidating. It is always best to call out a professional Roofer San Antonio to do inspections on a home before bad weather is expected. It doesn’t take but one bad winter to realize that calling for an inspection is a lot more cost effective then waiting until you have significant damage as well as tarp covering your roof waiting for a dry day.

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