All About iPad Tracking Software

It is possible to know everything that happens on the iPad that someone else is using while you sit far away. You can feel like a spy with Ipad tracking software. You might want to become an iPad spy if you are a parent or if you have employees. No matter where your child takes his tablet, you can keep track of everything he does. If your employee works on a tablet, you can make sure he is actually working.

How Tracking Software Works

You install a tiny program on the tablet. It remains hidden on the tablet so that the user doesn’t know it’s there. There are no icons and it won’t appear in add/remove programs. When the user goes to a website or opens an app, the program sends that information to you through an online portal. You can visit the portal at any time and from any device to see what the user has been up to. The user won’t have any clue that you’ve been watching.

Minimum Tracking Software

Maybe you want to keep your kids safe and your employees on task, but you don’t want to seem like a stalker. Choose Ipad tracking software that tells you websites the user has visited, apps installed or uninstalled, GPS locations, and contact information. This information appear in your online portal in real time. That means you can view the users activity as it is happening. If you child visits a site you deem inappropriate, you will know immediately.

Maximum Tracking Software

If you feel it is important to know more about your child or employee’s actions, you can choose a bigger tracking software. On top of the minimum features, this stronger software will save images to your portal even if the iPad user deletes the photo, save instant messaging conversations, and warn you if the user visits a website that uses language you set as inappropriate. You can also read e-mails and view web history that remain stored in your portal. No matter what changes the user makes on the iPad, the original information remains in your portal and the changes are tracked, as well.

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