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by | Jan 22, 2014 | Construction And Maintenance

It is common to think that interior design services are beyond the budget of the average homeowner, but that is not true. If anything these services are useful for saving you money as well as for helping you decide what is best in your home. What should you expect from an interior designer in San Antonio, Texas?

Stage One

The first stage of interior design is to gather data for a project and analyze it as part of the prep work for the project. Interior designers use detailed interior design software where they add the dimensions of a room and the information you give them for how you want to proceed. Even the tiniest detail can be included with new technology. The process helps to determine the best use of space, where to place furniture and decor, and how best to enhance a room.

Stage Two

The second stage in interior design utilizes concept diagrams of the room or the house if you are doing the whole house via sketches. You and the designer will work together by incorporating the details like stairs, fireplace, cabinets, furniture placement, and other layout elements so you can get a better idea of the concept. These drawings are very technical and are important before starting any work.

Stage Three

This is the phase where all the preparation is turned into language for use by a contractor that will be constructing the design layout. This is where you understand how important the details and specifications really are in a project like this. During this part of the project, the interior designer will also work out some other aspects of the project. You and the interior designer will choose things like light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, carpet, paint and/or wallpaper, and other finishing touches.

Stage Four

Finally, the design project comes full circle and you get to watch as the concept you and your interior designer in San Antonio developed becomes a reality. All the furniture gets put in its place, all paint/wallpaper services are done, fixtures are placed, and all the little details are attended to in this stage.

These are the basic phases of interior design. This process can encompass one room, two rooms, or your whole house depending on what you choose to do. The Shaw Remodeling Company in San Antonio provides quality interior designs and remodeling services. If you are thinking of remodeling, consider hiring these experts.

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