Increase your Clinic’s Services with an ECG

When you shop for discount medical equipment your savings can allow you to look into services you did not think were possible. If you add an ECG to your clinic you will be aiding your patients in identifying heart health issues. Heart attacks affect hundreds of thousands of patients and 38 percent of heart attack victims don’t survive. An electrocardiograph at your clinic will allow you to provide your patients with the testing they require to detect issues and heart conditions such as heart murmurs, coronary ischemia, dysrhythmias, syncope, myocardial infarction and ventricular hypertrophy. Shopping for discount medical equipment will allow you to purchase a very affordable ECG allowing you to expand the testing available at your clinic. You can increase profits as well as help save lives with early detection of heart symptoms.

Tests Available

Once you find an ECG that is right for your clinic you will be able to run tests for your heart patients including stress, arrhythmia, heart valve health as well as check for signs of heart failure and even diagnose heart attack. Staff can do tests with easy to read touch screens making it possible for staff of all levels to run tests accurately. You can print out results as well as look for models that provide connectivity for easy electronic record keeping. Portable options allow you to run tests in any of your clinic’s rooms making it convenient for both staff and patients without need for special booking requirements as well as being able to access the ECG in case of emergency.

Available Features Suited to Clinics

Look for an option that offers portability as these are the perfect choice for smaller medical offices and clinics. Many models weight as little as 2 kg and you can use them with a convenient roll stand. In busy clinics the fact that these smaller models contain a battery means they will allow you to move from patient to patient with little worry about power. These models are also more affordable making them ideal for small clinics and doctors’ offices looking to provide enhanced diagnostic testing options for their patients. This translates into better and more convenient health care for your patients as well.

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