Fixing Your Own Garage Door Can Be Dangerous

What happens when your garage door will not open and you can’t get your car out to get to work, run chores, or pick up the kids from school? Or what do you do when the garage door will not close, or only closes partially? Many people try to fix it themselves – force the door shut or closed, or create temporary fixes for complex mechanical problems. This can be dangerous, especially if a roller or other component is missing or is not correctly or fully attached. Overhead garage doors are heavy objects that can seriously injure an individual who doesn’t know exactly how to go about garage door repair.

There are many injuries reported each year in the United States due to injuries involving garage doors. Some of these injuries involve broken bones, fractured hips, crushed limbs, and even amputated hands or fingers. Almost 80% of these injuries take place when people who do not really know what they are doing use their garage doors improperly or try to fix them when they are not working appropriately. About a quarter of all injuries involved a falling door that unhinges and strikes the individual attempting, often inappropriately, to manipulate it.

There are emergency cords, often with a red handle, that are helpful when pulled. No, these cords are not directly linked with a garage door service company in Huntington WV, where technicians busily slide down various poles like firemen, grab their gear and jump into their garage door service truck, running red lights through Huntington WV in order to come and save the day. That would be really cool, though. Rather, the emergency cord disengages the door from the automatic opener, allowing you to open or close the door yourself. If this doesn’t work, a phone call to a commercial garage doors in Huntington WV will work just as well to get speedy emergency assistance.

If the basic problem is that the rollers are not all the way in the tracks, preventing proper rolling action, don’t continue to operate the door as usual, as that can be extremely dangerous. But one solution might be to use the emergency cord and manually move the door back and forth a little to see if you can get the rollers back in their places. Missing springs that cause the door to be heavy or a cable that is off the drum are serious situations that require a call to a professional garage door service company in Huntington WV. Visit Garage Door Operators Inc for more information.

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