Finding the Best Frac Water Treatment Solutions

Frac water treatment measures are crucial in mitigating the impacts of the operations of oil and gas companies. Hydraulic fracturing has been very crucial in unlocking reserves of natural resources. Many shale fields have been exploited using this technology in different parts of the world. This is because hydraulic fracturing is highly effective and well-completion method.

However, fracturing is water intensive. Fracturing systems require millions of gallons of water. Every well consumes high amount of water throughout the exploitation process. The water that comes from the well to the surface contains high amounts of chlorides, chemicals as well as other pollutants. These make the water unsuitable for immediate use.

However, water that return from the well to the surface, also called flow back can be treated and then be re-injected into the wells. In the past, this water was disposed in disposal wells which eliminate this water from the evaporation cycle of the fresh water permanently. However, this increases the cost at which gas and oil companies were running their operations. For instance, in North America, companies spend around $10billions on hydro-fracturing costs of supplying and disposing water after use.

Fortunately, it is now possible to treat fracturing water and reuse it. There are firms that offer frac water treatment solutions to oil and gas companies. These firms offer their services in places where applications have resulted to contaminated water with complex and different as well as unpredictable amounts of heavy metals, dissolved solids and organic compounds. This enables oil and gas companies to re-use treated water.

Today, it is possible to find companies that offer mobile hydraulic fracturing water treatment solutions. Others offer high-volume water treatment platforms. This implies that virtually any company that engages in fracturing activities can have its flow back or surface water treated regardless of the amount.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to look for a company that uses innovative technologies to treat frac water. A good company should also have highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand the composition of water that comes from the fracturing systems. This ensures that they take all the necessary measures to keep the water from having negative impact on the environment.

In addition, a firm that provides treatment solution should be extremely careful to ensure that all chemicals and other impurities in the water are eliminated. This is very important because any impurity in water that goes into the fracturing system will make additives ineffective.

Several firms are now offering frac water treatment solutions. It is important that you hire services of a professional company. You can contact for more information.

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