Facts about Dental Implants in Annapolis

Dental implants are artificial roots placed in the maxilla, or mandible, replacing damaged or missing teeth. It is a simple way to recover lost teeth. Dentists will typically insert Dental Implants in Annapolis Maryland immediately after a tooth extraction, although in some cases they recommend a few days or weeks after extraction. Finally, in the most sensitive cases, dentists will need maximum bone healing or bone regeneration prior to implantation.

Every dentist believes serious treatment planning leads to the study and individualized analysis of each patient’s case, financially budgeting the costs and possible solutions that go along with every person. At some point, everyone loses one or more teeth and may need some form of treatment to rehabilitate them. These causes could be related to multiple trauma, tooth decay, gum inflammation, tumors etc. Thirty percent of tooth loss cases of are accompanied by loss of bone where teeth are supported.

For many years, and with the birth of Dental Implants, dentists are able to restore and rehabilitate a patient’s lost teeth. But what if bone loss is associated with losing a tooth? Dentists have to resort to other techniques that recover dental bone first. There are also new dental implants that allow for situations where the bone sits very low, restoring the patient’s occlusion. The latest advancements in dental implants allow a good percentage of patients to have dental implants installed in the very same day.

These advances have changed the way dentists treat patients suffering from tooth loss. Implants are made of titanium, the highest ranking biocompatible material on the planet which allows integration of bone and gum. Today, dental implants are the best option when it comes to aesthetics, but more importantly, achieving better oral health. They ensure the quickest solution to restore missing teeth. They provide security for public speaking and the ability to eat naturally. Placing implants on the same day allows you to go about your daily activities without interruption.

If you have any questions about dental implants or any other dental issues, it is important that you contact your local dental professional today. Speak with your dentist about Dental Implants in Annapolis to discuss your case. For all your dental problems, Consult with Dr. Michael Berger today.

Dental Implants in Annapolis Maryland

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