An Experienced Locksmith in Victor, NY Can Keep Your World Secure

Locks have been an invaluable protection device since antiquity, guarding not only belongings, but securing homes and businesses as well. In modern times, locks also keep our vehicles safe and secure. With locks performing such critical functions it’s no wonder that the technology of keeping things protected has advanced so far. Today we have electronic locks that require us to key in numeric sequences in order to gain access to secured areas, and even our automobiles have keys with transponders to make break-ins more difficult. All of these advances seem to fly in the face of the mental picture many individuals have of the locksmith who drives the little truck and helps us unlock our cars at the shopping mall when we’ve managed to lock ourselves out; but the good news is that a highly-trained Locksmith in Victor, NY is capable of the most basic lock service as well as the high-tech requirements.

Having all of these capabilities requires today’s locksmiths to constantly stay abreast of the newest tools, and technologies being used in order to stay competitive. A successful locksmith still needs to be able to re-key locks and replace locksets, but he also has to have a good understanding of access control devices and even closed circuit video systems. This takes a lot of time and effort as well as a serious dedication to his trade.

An Automotive Locksmith has his work cut out for him these days as high-end automobile manufacturers find new ways to keep the vehicles they sell protected from theft. Car keys with microchips in them make sure that just breaking into a car doesn’t guarantee that it can be started and driven away. The chips must match up with the car’s computer system or it won’t go anywhere. Chips, in concert with laser-cut keys, also known as sidewinder keys, make auto theft that much more difficult. These keys are expensive to duplicate and require special equipment to do the job. Of course every automotive-related locksmith task isn’t complicated. Sometimes it’s just a simple lockout, or extracting a broken key from a lock or ignition, but he has to be able to handle it all, and at any hour of the day or night.

Being a Locksmith in Victor, NY is a lot more challenging than it once was, but Finger Lakes Lock & Security has the trained professionals to handle any job, residential or commercial.


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