Enjoy the Crackling Sound of Woodwick Fireside Candles

The holiday season is here, and it is truly the best time of the year! During this time of year, everyone loves to sit by a cozy fireplace in their home where sip on a nice cup of hot chocolate. But not everyone has a fireplace. For those without a fireplace, you should get a Woodwick Fireside candle. These candles give off a warm glow as they crackle and pop. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing crackling sounds of a burning Woodwick Fireside candle.

Woodwick Fireside Candles

All Woodwick Fireside candles contain a natural wooden wick which crackles like a fireplace when it burns. The flame will dance across the natural wooden wick similar to the dancing flame of an outdoor fire pit. The Woodwick Fireside candle will burn clean and leaves only a small amount of residue.

The Woodwick Fireside will burn longer than traditional candles. They will burn until it reaches about half an inch from the bottom. It will then self-extinguish. Of course, users should follow all safety measures for any type of candle.

In addition to the beautiful and mesmerizing dancing flame, Woodwick Fireside candles are available in wonder scents.

Gift Ideas

There are few gifts that are as well-received as a Woodwick candle. If you are looking for gift ideas for this holiday season, then consider Woodwick Fireside candles. The Woodwick Fireside candles make great gifts for all occasions. People all over fall in love with their appearance, fragrances, and the unique candle burning process. The soothing crackling sounds of a burning Woodwick Fireside candle is relaxing and looks wonderful sitting on any table or mantle.

The signature Woodwick Fireside candles come in a variety of sizes, styles, and fragrances. The jars are available in plain or a more decorative option.

Wrap the candles in a decorative box and give them as gifts. The giftee will thank you forever.

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