Design, Ideas and Decors of Mansion Doors

Buying doors for a large home or mansion requires a different type of mindset than if you were looking for a simple residential building. Mansion doors tend to be more rigid and long-lasting than their mass-produced counterparts. They are traditionally constructed of stained or varnished hardwood that allows them to stand the test of time. Mansion doors are massive in order to functionally cover the entryway in which they are placed. When looking at mansion doors, you should examine them carefully to ensure that they have what you’re looking for. But, what exactly does a mansion door need to have?

Complicated or Simple?

Mansion doors can be either simple or complex in their design and construction. Simple mansion doors go well with an exterior that is minimalistic and modern. The modern doors tend to be less about style and grace and more about efficiency and dependability. Conversely, complex door designs are more along the lines of ornate buildings that go all out to impress. Well-designed doors tend to incorporate whorls and swirls into the patterns etched on the door in order to break up the monotony of straight lines. These doors usually are surrounded by arches or other types of organic spirals and curves, and attempt to create the illusion of nature. Both of these doors tend to incorporate elements of opulence in their design, such as gilt carvings or handles. Additional filigree designs can be added, depending on how much of a complicated design the owner is looking for.

Double or Single?

For most mansions, double doors are the standard. Single doors do exist, but are usually relegated to side doors while the main doors remain double. The double doors allow for a greater entry space, very important when moving things such as paintings and sculptures in and out of the building. Double doors are much easier to design in ornate patterns than single doors. The point of joining makes for a unique setting to build upon the complex etchings, and watching them come together can be breathtaking in itself. Ornately carved pieces can flow across the door divide and make for interesting and absorbing pieces all on their own. What owner doesn’t want a work of art as their entryway?

Mansion doors are like other doors in the sense that they are designed to protect the hearth and to provide a striking entry into the building. They go far beyond that, however. In any building, the exterior decor creates an aesthetic layout that encourages an observer to take it all in. Many mansions are designed so that the decor is the supporting cast and the doors are the centerpieces. When considering mansion doors, you should think about how well they fit with each other and the overall external decor as a whole. Contact Nick’s Building if you are looking for mansion doors.

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