Custom Medals for High Academic Achievers

Many schools reward students with gold stars and a good grade when they do well in a certain class or lesson. Some schools choose to reward students with medals. There are many benefits to giving out medals to your students. It increases competition between classmates, and motivates them to do well. Customized medals can be designed to your specifications, and they can often be purchased in bulk for large schools, teams, or event committees that choose to recognize their students or members for a job well done.

Medals for Motivation

Many schools often have field days, in which lessons are cancelled, and everyone runs to the playing field to compete in various events. Sports medals are a great way to reward students for their hard work. Science medals can also be designed, to be given to those who excel in the art of science and technology. By giving your students a range of medals to work for, you will not only increase productivity and motivation, you will also experience good morale among your students. You can fully personalize your custom medals. There are many different plating styles to choose from, and the options for customization are endless. Every student will want one, and it is a great and safe way to have a friendly competition and to boost school morale.

Ribbons and Neck Pieces

When you order custom medals, you will also have the option to choose ribbons or neck pieces, so that the medals can be worn instead of just displayed if the recipient chooses. Ribbons or neckpieces can be purchased in your customized school colors, and in other themes that represent what your award is all about. Medals that have color fill incorporated into them look great with colorful ribbons. The color fill will add a touch of zest and contrast to the design, so that your medal will be truly stunning and unique. Different plating options can be mixed and matched, so that you will be able to place an order for various types of medals at the same time, on the same order number. Most medal distributors will have representatives on hand that will be able to help with product selection and order placement issues.


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