Choosing the Ideal Hardwood Mechanicsburg PA Flooring

Wood floors make a special statement as well as provide a versatile option when decorating your home. The various species, colors, natural wood patterns, and plank width provides ample choices for homeowners. Hardwood Flooring provides timeless style and warmth to whatever room in which it is installed. The following will discuss how to get started choosing Hardwood Mechanicsburg PA flooring for your home.

Wood Construction

The construction of hardwood is a good place to start. The types of hardwood construction include solid and engineered.

Solid hardwood in 100 percent real wood. It’s installed by nailing or stapling it to the subfloor. Real 100 percent wood is prone to expanding or shrinking depending on the moisture content and temperature fluctuations in a building. It’s not suitable for installation over concrete subfloors.

Engineered hardwood is resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. While its also 100 percent real wood, its cross ply, multi layer construction makes it suitable for concrete and is installed using glue, staples, or the floating method over an existing floor. Visit for more information.

Wood Species

When choosing Hardwood Mechanicsburg PA flooring the species is an important factor to consider. Make sure to examine oak, ash, maple, bamboo, cork, teak, hickory, walnut, and other wood species suitable for your flooring needs. Bamboo and cork are considered the most sustainable and green if you are going green at home. Each species has its own grain pattern that makes it unique. Some wood grains are understated while others have unique characteristics that stand out from the others.

Wood Color

Color is always influential when homeowners are choosing flooring for their homes. Natural, light, medium, and dark woods have their place in the home. The color is a personal choice that needs to be carefully considered.

Wood Finish

Hardwood Flooring comes in a few different finishes. Urethane finishes are the most popular and holds up the best to high-traffic homes. It also ensures the wood floor maintains a sheen without the need for refinishing for waxing for many years.

The wood width and edge detail are two other considerations to be made when selecting home flooring. Hardwood Mechanicsburg PA flooring solutions can provide you with the quality wood flooring that suits your personal tastes and your installation type needs.

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