Carpet Buying Guide For Your Home Carpeting In Glenview

Carpeting has always been a popular flooring material and many homeowners still choose to have carpet installed today. Since there are so many choices available, you may be unsure about what type of carpeting to choose. Read the guide below before you purchase your home carpeting in Glenview so you can get the best type and style for your home.


Carpets are made out of various types of fibers and some materials out perform the others. Below are the most common carpet fiber types.

* Nylon – This type of fiber is available in a wide selection of colors and the dye in the carpeting won’t fade over time. Nylon resists stains and it’s durable enough for the high traffic areas of your home.
Polyester – This kind of carpeting is easy to clean, so you won’t have unsightly permanent stains in your carpet. The colors are bright and fade resistant.

* Olefin – If you’re looking for a durable carpet for indoors or outdoors, this type of carpeting is the best choice. Moisture will not harm the fibers in this carpet, so your carpet won’t be ruined if it gets wet.

* Wool – This naturally soft fiber has an elegant look and feel. It’s available in many colors and it’s also one of the safest carpets you can buy because it’s flame retardant.


Carpet styles are categorized by the pile or the cut of the fibers. Below are some of the most common piles of carpeting.

* Cut – This style is cut straight across and twisted so that it keeps its shape for a long time.

* Level Loop – The fibers on this style have identical loops throughout the carpeting. Many businesses choose this style of carpet because it stands up to high traffic.

* Patterned Loop – This style is made with loops of varying heights, which gives the appearance of a pattern in the carpet.

* Cut Loop – Carpeting in this style has both cut and loop fibers and it’s often used to create intricate details in carpeting, such as swirls and rectangles.

By using this carpeting guide, you’ll be more confident when purchasing your Home Carpeting in Glenview. American Carpet Distributors specializes in carpeting and hardwood flooring for homes and businesses. Visit their website to make an appointment for a free estimate and to take advantage of their money saving coupons.

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