Benefits of Using a Luggage Protector

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Business

Travelling can be an exciting time for all who are involved. However, there are some downsides to travelling which are beyond a traveler’s control. If you plan on flying, staying in a hotel, or visiting conference rooms during a business trip, you run the risk of transporting bed bugs and other types of bugs from one location to the other. People come in and out of conference rooms and hotel rooms and even though they are thoroughly cleaned, bed bugs are pesky creatures that latch on to anything they can. It is best to use a travel luggage protector to protect your belongings from bed bug infestation.

Luggage Protectors

Using a zippered luggage protector for the outside of your luggage can keep bed bugs from latching onto the fabric on the outside of your luggage. They are very sneaky creatures who can slip into zippers and pockets and hide. You won’t ever know that they are there until you get home and they spread around your luggage and your home. Covering your luggage with a protector can keep any bed bugs that are lingering in hotel rooms out of your luggage and away from your personal belongings.

Clothing Protectors

If you are seeking an added layer of protection, you can always purchase clothing protectors as well. Many people already use these for their dresses and suits and can serve as an extra layer of protection for all of your clothes. You can even purchase clothing protectors that you can bag up your regular travel clothes in and put inside of your suitcase. This keeps bed bugs out of your luggage and out of your clothes. Bed bugs can hide just about anywhere so the more protection you have surrounding your belongings the better.

Shoe Protectors

It is also wise to purchase a shoe protector to keep bed bugs out of your shoes. If you plan on bringing more than one pair of shoes on your trip, then it would be a good idea to store them in a zippered bag to keep any pesky bed bugs out of your shoes.

It can be a real pain once bed bugs get into your belongings and then into your home. Purchasing luggage protectors and having them on hand when you go away on a trip can make a big difference when it comes to keeping bed bugs out of your life for good.

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