The Benefits When You Buy Grape Vines Online

There are few things in life that you can’t buy online, and grape vines are no exception. However, unlike some products, there are several benefits to buying grape vines online. The sellers of top quality grape vines often don’t deal with retail outlets because they have limited quantities to sell.

Entering into a contract with a large retailer is not advantageous to businesses and vineyards that want to sell their grape vines online. By keeping their sales online, they can provide the best quality of plants, while still filling both large and small orders.

Listed below are a few major advantages of buying grape vines online:

Increased Selection

When you buy grape vines online from Harvest Express, you have a greater selection of vines because the grower is also the seller. Additionally, there is no limit concerning display and storage space since the vines are grown and aged with the seller. You are guaranteed a natural plant that is ready to go into the ground and start producing.

Lower Prices

Without the middleman, the cost of buying grape vines online is significantly lower then buying them in a store. In order to start a vineyard or even a small home wine production, you will need a large number of vines. Purchasing online is the most cost effective method of buying grape vines when compared to buying them in a store or specialty-garden supply outlet.

Bulk Purchase Discounts

The top companies selling wine grape vines online, often provide a discount per plant based on the total number that you order. This additional discount is ideal for those starting a vineyard or replacing grape vines that are not producing. The cost savings when you use the bulk discount feature online, can add up to a dollar or more per vine.

The benefits don’t stop there! Top companies offer replacement warranties that give you the confidence of knowing the grower and seller stand behind the quality of their vines.

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