Are You Wishing To Sell Scrap Gold in Chicago?

by | May 15, 2015 | Jewelry

It does not really matter if it is gold or any other precious metal and neither does it matter where in the world you wish to sell it (it could be somewhere in the Chicagoland area or it some totally different place); there are some facets of this kind of deal that will universally apply. Such as:-

* Is it legal?

* Do you own it?

* Are you willing to settle for a price per unit weight based on market forces?

* How much of it are you offering for sale?

Then, What Are You Actually Wanting Someone To Buy From You?

* Scrap implies either the metal has been ruined (as in scrap steel from a car wreck) – probably unlikely with a precious metal, but not impossible.

* On a smaller scale; the meaning could apply to such as watch cases where the inner workings are missing or destroyed; jewelry where the stones have been lost, bracelets or necklets where the metal has been worn too thin to be worn anymore; butterfly clasps from ear rings, etc.

* Or, it started out as a bigger piece that was made into something (a ring for example) and you want to dispose of the small left over pieces.

* Or, it could even be that you have got hold of some of the precious metal content of something like used circuit boards or ultra-precision wiring and are seeking to turn that into money.

* Minute particles that the miners left in the tailings would not really qualify for this description. However, some of the left overs from the refining process might just be accepted in this category.

All of the above facets will have an effect on how you can best set about arranging your deal and with whom should you be arranging it? Because of the very high monetary values attached to precious metals, the buying and selling of them is closely controlled in most countries and rules have to be observed. Generally speaking, the rules are stricter when large amounts are involved.

Relatively Small Amounts Give You No Problems

If you are seeking to Sell Scrap Gold in Chicago that genuinely belongs to you and is in the form of a number of old, broken or worn out decorative pieces; then, dealers like the Chicago Gold Gallery will appraise the lot for you. They will advise if any item might have value of its own and then assay the quality and weigh the remaining so as to make you an offer based on its weight – there is usually a posted buying price for metals purchased this way that are to be melted down.

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