If You Have Allergies, Investigate Duct cleaning in Saratoga

Everyone knows people who constantly suffer from allergies, even if they do not suffer themselves. The American College of Allergists reports that polluted indoor air either causes or aggravates half of all illnesses. The Environmental Protection Agency has found that the air indoors can be up to 70% more polluted than outdoors air. Our homes are tightly sealed so as to minimize heat or cooling loss and the ductwork carrying the heated or cool air gradually becomes dusty or even contaminated with mold. Insects and even rodents can set up housekeeping in the ductwork.

Not only can contaminants from ductwork cause illness, they also cost money in increased heating and cooling bills. Overall, people spent over half of their time indoors and can’t count on fiberglass air filters to stop pollutants from passing through. Most of these filters are very inefficient, allowing bacteria, mold and pet dander into the air. The best solution is to have the ductwork cleaned, in both homes and businesses.

An experienced crew and specialized state-of-the-art equipment can get the job done efficiently. In buildings that have suffered any smoke, fire or water damage, cleaning all the ductwork is important. Smoke smells can linger long after it appears as though everything has been cleaned; the ductwork would allow the smell to spread throughout the building. The cleaning needs to be done expertly and thoroughly.

In 1968 David R. Johnson Sr. founded a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning business servicing Western New England. After 12 years of continued success and a desire to provide a larger scope of cleaning services to his client base, David founded Western New England Fire Restoration in 1980, and based the company in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The company relocated to Albany, NY in 1984, changing its name to Professional Fire Restoration Services. His son, David M. Johnson Jr., joined the business in 1991, becoming the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Their unwavering commitment to satisfying their customers has been the reason behind their continuing success. This team of professionals is experienced in fire, smoke and water restoration and repairs, demolition, debris removal and Duct cleaning in Saratoga and surrounding areas. They pride themselves on the reliability and exceptional quality of their services.

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