A Diamond Buyer in Edmond: Diamond and its Properties

Diamond is one of the most precious stone around the world today. In the past, India was very popular for its diamond till South Africa overtook it. About 70% of the diamonds in the world today come from South Africa. Other countries like Siberia, South America and Brazil also produce diamond but in small percentages.

Diamond is normally colorless when pure. It forms through the crystallization of carbon atoms. It comes in different colors like pink, blue, yellow, green or even black. The colors form as a result of impurity. Its final beauty will depend on the proficiency of the one who cuts and polishes them. Scientists have also found a way of making synthetic diamonds through the compression of carbon under very high pressure and temperatures. If you are a diamond buyer in Edmond you should at least know the following.

Properties of Diamond

* Diamond is known to have very fascinating properties. It is the hardest substance and cannot break. The only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond. Diamond is a very poor conductor of heat and electricity. This is because for heat and electricity to flow through a substance, it needs to have free electrons. Diamond lacks the free electrons.

* The precise gravity of Diamond is known to be 3.52 and it also has a lofty refractive index of 2.415 which is the reason it has an amazing luminosity. This makes it more noticeable and attractive.

* The making of artificial diamonds makes it hard for one to distinguish between the artificial and natural diamonds. The fact that they have the same chemical properties makes it even harder. However, under an x-ray, a natural diamond is transparent whereas an artificial one is opaque. This is the sure way used to differentiate between the two.

* Diamonds do not change or react to any kind of chemical, alkali or organic compound and are also not soluble in any liquid. This is also another way of determining if what you have is diamond or an imitation of it.

The price of diamond depends on it’s size and how pure it is. Get more information from Diamond Buyer in Edmond or visit the website .

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