4 Helpful Tips for Purchasing Diamonds in Fort Myers

A quality diamond is an investment purchase that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. In Fort Myers, there is no shortage of diamond jewelry, but not every piece is equal in quality and appearance. If you’re shopping for diamonds in Fort Myers, it’s essential to look for the signs that you’re purchasing a quality gemstone.

Look for Natural Diamonds

Although synthetic diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, you should stick to a natural stone of you want superior cut, clarity and color. They may be more expensive, but natural diamonds are rarer, more durable and completely unique. Make sure to educate yourself or seek the help of a trusted jeweler before you select a natural diamond.

Take an Up-Close Look

According to experts, you should never purchase any type of diamond without first viewing it under magnification. Looking at a diamond with the naked eye won’t allow you to see any flaws that could lessen the value of your gemstone. Aim for examining a diamond under 10x magnification or more, and look closely for inclusions like scratches, bubbles, unevenness or asymmetrical cuts.

Don’t Discount Synthetics

If you’re shopping on a budget, don’t discount synthetic diamonds. Although they aren’t as precious as natural diamonds, synthetics can deliver a quality gemstone at a fraction of the price. If you’re considering a synthetic diamond, look for beautiful color and a quality cut. Just be aware that cultured diamonds won’t appreciate in value over time.

Think About Color

If you’re considering bypassing a white diamond in favor of a colored one, you need to know what to look for. According to diamond experts, certain colors are more favored and valuable when it comes to diamonds. Shades of red or pink are the most rare and valuable, but diamonds that are blue or yellow are also desirable. Stay away from trendy colors like green, brown or purple. Jewelery comprised of these man-made hues will generally depreciate in value over time.

Diamond jewelry is a purchase that should last a lifetime. If you’re looking at Diamonds Fort Myers, keep the tips above in mind to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Keep reading for some helpful tips on selecting diamond jewelry, and visit Bradley’s Jewelers for a great selection of quality diamonds.

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