3 Collision Repair Myths That Need to Be Avoided at All Costs

The aftermath of a car accident can be pretty confusing and frustrating, especially if it’s the very first time you’ve ever gotten into an accident. Unfortunately, not many drivers are educated on what needs to take place once they’ve gotten into an accident and need repair. With that being said, here are three of the most common myths about collision repair in Chicago that need to be avoided:

1. You Have to Choose a Shop That Your Insurance Company Chooses

If you’re an insured driver, you have the right to pick any auto body shop that you want to pick for collision repair in Chicago. Insurance companies are probably going to want you to go to the one that is the most cost-effective, but cheap doesn’t always bring quality.

2. A Dealer is the Only One That Can Repair Your Car Right

Most people think that only a dealership with the same vehicle you have can operate on your car better than anyone else. This isn’t true at all. Collision repair shops that are non-dealer-affiliated can get access to the same parts that anyone else can.

3. You Can’t Repair a Damaged Frame

Even little bumps can cause damage to the frame. If this myth was true, cards would always be getting totaled out by all kinds of insurance companies all the time. If the frame of your car was bent but not weakened in the structure part, it can probably be fixed. For more information visit Spotlight Automotive.

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