Why You Should Install Solar Powered Dock Lights

For people who live close to the lake, sea or large water body, dock lighting is usually an essential, not an option. One growing trend in dock lighting is Solar Powered Dock Lights. One of the major upsides of this type of lighting is flexibility. Solar powered dock lights are easy to install, and come in a number of different designs. These lights work by charging their high capacity batteries during the daylight hours to allow for constant and sufficient lighting throughout the night.

One of the great features of dock lights powered by solar is that they are able to automatically switch off and on at dusk and dawn respectively. They come equipped with a photo sensor, which minimizes the work that you actually have to do to ensure that your dock lights are on or off when required. Most docks are in areas where there is an abundance of sunlight, which makes them highly usable and effective for lighting purposes. Additional features include their ability to charge even during cloudy days.

Solar dock lights are also extremely easy to install. You only need to ensure that they are fully charged (been left to charge for 8-10 hours) before installation. These can be installed to your existing dock without need for additional fixtures. Each light should be installed 6 ft. apart to provide the best lighting. Each light should also be placed on its own board to avoid light interference as well as to get the best result. A bonus here is that this is a safe light source as there are no cords, wires or electricity.

Solar dock lights are also very flexible, and can be installed in other high-traffic areas around your home. They are also perfect for landings, walkways, decks and patios among other places. Because there are no electric outlets or extension cords required, they can be placed virtually anywhere there is a need for lighting. They are also highly energy efficient and will save you a lot of money in utilities in the long term. Touchscape Accent Lighting is a leader in Solar Powered Dock Lights. They also offer an array of outdoor lighting options for all your landscape lighting solutions.

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