Why You Should Consider Spicer Parts for Off-Highway Vehicles

Do you put a lot of thought into what brand parts are on the drive train for your off-highway or farm vehicles? Maybe you should. Spicer parts are one of the most respected auto parts companies around, whether you’re talking about u-joints, axles or other drive train components. Spicer has been around a long time and earned a reputation for quality – and that quality still holds up today.

About Dana Spicer
Founded in 1904, the company that would eventually be known as Dana Limited was created by Clarence Spicer, the man who invented the universal joint (u-joint). Over time, the company expanded to serve many markets and provide a number of different drive train parts beyond just u-joints. These days, the finest Dana drive train parts, the ones that qualify as manufacturer’s original equipment (OE), carry the Spicer name.

What Parts Might Have the Spicer Name
Of course the name Spicer is associated with u-joints, but there are many other drive train parts that also carry it. There are Spicer axles, Spicer drive shafts, Spicer gears, and even Spicer torque converters and transmissions, among other items. Basically, many parts responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels are made by Spicer.

What It Means to be OE
When one says that Spicer parts are OE, it’s not just a meaningless certification or accolade. This designation means that these parts are what were originally put on your vehicle when it was manufactured, and these parts are what you would get if you went to a dealer to get a repair done. Original equipment is designed specifically for the vehicle, so it tends to last longer and make the vehicle run more efficiently than an aftermarket part would.

Advantages of Spicer Parts
Spicer OE parts last longer, meaning that your machine will be down for repair less often and you get maximum value for your investment. For example, in comparative testing, the “Spicer® 10 Series™ universal joints proved to be better than all others in the area of fatigue wear. Spicer gearing outperforms aftermarket competitors by 280 percent in dyno testing for fatigue and impact. Spicer parts performed particularly well against competitors in gearing for off-highway vehicles.

If you need to replace drive line components and you prefer to use OE parts, check out the Dana Spicer parts available at pjpower.com. Palmer Johnson Power carries all the best brands of vehicle power transfer equipment, including Spicer.

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