Why You Might Need to Hire a Professional Medicaid Planning Attorney

Medicaid planning attorneys specialize in a particular area of the law but may have generalized knowledge and expertise in other related areas, such as elder law, trust law and estate planning. Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking for a

Medicaid planning attorney in the Wilmette area to help you safeguard your assets or navigate your health care choice.

What do Medicaid planning attorneys do?

Even if you’re on Medicaid and familiar with your benefits, you might not be familiar with the realm of Medicaid planning law. Medicaid planning attorneys specialize in helping their clients make sound financial plans and health care choices well in advance of becoming incapacitated. This is similar to an estate planning attorney, who has expertise in making plans before the event of an inevitable death.

Situations which may require legal help

Here are a few examples of situations which may need a professional attorney skilled in Medicaid planning. For example, if you or a loved one will be entering a full-time care facility, a Medicaid attorney can help you to review contracts, prepare documents and ensure that your family’s assets will remain safe in any situation. Professional attorneys can help you navigate the confusing world of Medicare applications, long-term care facilities and avoid health care bankruptcy while representing your personal best interests or those of your estate.

If you’re looking for a skilled Medicaid planning attorney in the Wilmette area, contact the qualified team at the Law Office of Jeffrey P. Story.

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