Why Concrete Pools Make the Best Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kansas City

There are many family activities that can occur around Outdoor Swimming Pools Kansas City residents can enjoy. Of course there is swimming, but just relaxing by the pool is nice also. The outdoor swimming pool can be a real haven, and the best option to make that happen is a concrete pool.

The last thing someone wants is to spend time doing a lot of maintenance to keep the pool looking nice. With a concrete outdoor swimming pools Kansas City residents can keep that to a minimum compared to the other types of pools. A good filtration system, including an automatic vacuum reduces time spent. All that will be needed is cleaning the filter, sweeping off any algae and checking the water for chemical balance from time to time. Hiring a pool service is a great way to save your time for enjoying the pool area.

Another reason to go with concrete Outdoor Swimming Pools Kansas City homeowners should consider is the ability to add on other features. It is easy to include a spa or a waterfall with a concrete pool. This is not possible with a vinyl, above ground pool. Provided the pool is deep enough, things such as slides and diving boards can be included as well. Waterfalls complete with foliage are very popular for giving that tropical feel to the pool area. Not a bad way to create a vacation spot right in your own backyard!

Probably the best thing about a concrete swimming pool is the flexibility to make it any shape or size that you wish. Some of the more unique features that can be used are a vanishing edge, a beach walkout, and built-in lounge areas. The integration of tile into the pool can make for an artistic masterpiece. Imagine a table and seating area inside the pool for a nice place to entertain friends.

The addition of a concrete pool does much to increase home value, whereas a vinyl pool can actually detract from the value. Depending on the pool size and features, it can easily add $20,000 or more to the value.

You can create a wonderful place to be with your family and friends to be enjoyed all summer long, and even into the cooler months with the addition of a heater. A concrete swimming pool is a much better investment than a vinyl pool and will continue to be so for years to come.

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