Why Auto Accidents Attorneys in Valdosta, GA Are the Best Option When It Comes to Negotiating with Insurers

Auto accidents attorneys in Valdosta, GA have a vast understanding of how adjusters approach these matters, which can be highly beneficial when it comes to negotiating with insurance companies. Attorneys know the secrets that insurance adjusters don’t tell policyholders and claimants. Insurance companies may be willing to pay claims but they always want to save as much money as they can. These are businesses, after all.

They Are Trained Negotiators

Auto accidents attorneys in Valdosta, GA and insurance adjusters have both been trained to be skilled negotiators. The average person is not experienced in this area and may not know what a reasonable offer is. Adjusters usually act friendly and concerned, which can lead the injured person to provide too much information in an effort to be helpful. However, some of that information could be used to undermine the claim.

They Know a Trial Is Unlikely

Insurance companies may want claimants to believe that they have to accept a so-called final offer or take the case to court. In reality, insurers do not want to have accident cases heard by a jury because they have the power to award the injured person more than what the insurance company offered first. The jury could award the maximum of the at-fault driver’s insurance policy even if an acceptable settlement amount may have been significantly lower.

They May Demand Payment for Intangible Factors

An attorney may include a demand that the insurer pay for certain intangible results of the accident. Individuals negotiating without an attorney usually do not make this type of demand. Depending on the situation, the injured person may deserve compensation for physical pain and suffering, for example. If the psychological trauma of the accident is causing serious emotional trouble, compensation might be expected for this as well.

Lawyers know that people frequently accept a lower settlement than anticipated because they are tired of the process. They may be developing distinct financial problems by now and just want to receive a check. Before doing so, contacting an attorney through a website such as Fhtlawyers.com is advisable. Accident lawyers usually provide free consultations so the person can learn whether the settlement being considered is reasonable or far too low.

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