When You Need a DWI Lawyer in Charles Town WV

If you have been arrested recently for Driving While Intoxicated, also known as DWI, you will need to get some experienced help from a DWI Lawyer in Charles Town WV. In the state of West Virginia, DWI charges are quite serious because the penalties for a conviction are designed to prevent reocurrance of drunk driving. While you may not be able to change the fact that you were charged with DWI, you can certainly take control of the way that you respond to these charges with the help of a lawyer.

Your DWI Lawyer in Charles Town WV can help you to deal with your Driving While Intoxicated charges even if you are guilty. There are a wide range of penalties that the state of West Virginia may impose on people who are convicted of DWI. Even if you are convicted, your lawyer can help you to get the least of these penalties. If you are in a situation where you are not guilty and that can be reasonably demonstrated to the judge, your lawyer will stand up for you in court and make sure you get the result you need.

Your DWI Lawyer in Charles Town WV can review the exact potential penalties that are unique to your case, but it will help to be aware of the general penalties ahead of time. For a first DWI in West Virginia the jail time will be anywhere from no time at all up to six months. Your driving privileges will be suspended for anywhere from 15 up to 45 days if convicted. The potential fines for a first time DWI conviction in West Virginia will be anywhere from $100 up to $1,000.

With a second or third DWI charge, it becomes even more imperative to have a DWI Lawyer in Charles Town WV since jail time can be up to three years if you are convicted. The fines for a third DWI could be as much as $5,000. You may also lose your driving privileges for up to one year, and you may be required to have an Ignition Interlock Device that will test you before you drive anywhere installed in your car. Your attorney can help make certain that you are exonerated if you are not guilty, or alternatively can help insure that you get the minimum penalties even if you tested positive for alcohol while driving.

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