What Pets Receive When You Book A Cat Condo In Corvallis, OR

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Pets

Cat owners need exceptional boarding accommodations for their pets. These opportunities allow pet owners to take trips without worrying about their pets. These accommodations range by size and offer cats an enjoyable and comfortable stay. The cat condo in Corvallis OR is among these extraordinary accommodations.

Reviewing the Cat Condo Accommodations

The cat condo measures twenty-two inches by twenty-six inches. It gives cats plenty of room to sleep comfortably and have some room to move around. The bedding provided is cozy and will soothe the cat into a great night’s sleep.

All cats that stay in the condos and additional accommodations require their vaccinations. All cats need the FVRCP and rabies shots. The professionals at the local pet hotel can provide the FVRCP if the owner hasn’t taken them to the vet for this shot. The fees for these vaccinations are minimal.

Allergen-Free Pet Foods

Since a variety of pets face allergy issues, the pet hotel provides them with allergen-free foods. The nutritional foods offered are grain-free. It provides them with all the necessary nourishment, vitamins, and minerals without the negative reaction some pets face.

Daily Monitoring of Cats

A skilled professional will monitor the cats each day. This includes weighing them on an electric scale to ensure that they remain healthy. They evaluate their overall health and look for any signs of illness. If the pet owner prefers, the pet hotel provides grooming services for their cats.

Addressing Special Needs

Any cats with special needs are accommodated. This includes cats with disabilities or special dietary requirements. The pet hotel can provide food for cats with conditions such as diabetes. The pet owner should explain all special requirements prior to booking their cat’s boarding accommodations. This helps the trained professionals to ensure that their cats receive extra care during their stay.

Cat owners may find what they need exactly at the local pet hotel. These opportunities present them with special services and brilliant accommodations. Pet owners won’t have to worry about their precious babies as all their need will be fulfilled. Cat owners who wish to book a Cat Condo in Corvallis OR should contact us today.

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