What is Good Nutrition and Why You Should Care About It

When you talk to people about nutrition, it seems like everyone has their own ideas about what good nutrition is. Some people will tell you that to eat a healthy diet; you need supplements and powders, others will push the merits of being vegan or vegetarian, while still others will try to convince you that Paleo is the only way to go.

The reality is that there a number of different approaches to good nutrition, and that, if you use them properly, you can make sure that your body has the nutrients it needs for healthy growth, repairing body tissues, building muscle tissue, and ensuring that your organs are functioning properly.

Good nutrition means eating a wide variety of foods, from different food groups. Whether you use the good pyramid or another way of categorizing food, you want your calories to come from a mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. You want to avoid processed sugars as much as you can, as well as artificial sweeteners and dyes, as well as excess sodium or salt. While fat is a necessary component of a healthy diet, the type of fat is important, as is the amount.

Calories are important, but not in the same way you may have been taught to look at calories. Food that is low-calorie, but also low in nutrients is not necessarily your best option. Nutrient-dense foods are a better way to go, which can mean that sometimes high-calories options, like avocados, are a better choice than low-calories options, like iceberg lettuce.

At The MAX Challenge in Roswell, GA, we firmly believe that healthy eating is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. Come visit us and see how we can help you make easy changes that can improve your nutrition.

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