What Is An Airline E-Ticket?

In years gone past the airlines or a travel agent issued a multiple part ticket for air travel, today electronic airline tickets or E-tickets are the most common form of confirming a reservation. No longer is the traveler reliant on the airline or travel agency to issue a ticket, the traveler simply prints out the ticket which confirms all the flight data and many cases the boarding pass can be printed out as well. With ever evolving technology it is even possible to book air tickets and have them displayed on your smartphone using the airlines ticketing app.

E-tickets save the airline money since there is no longer a need to issue paper tickets, personnel requirements can be scaled back considerably. An E-ticket is also more reliable as there is no need to relay on a ticketing clerk at the airport or the mail to deliver your ticket.

Paper tickets are considerably more expensive to generate than an E-ticket and as such airlines will charge extra to issue conventional tickets. With the number of budget carriers that ply the skies these companies are looking for any way they can to reduce costs and increase margins.

In most cases the E-ticket must be printed out at home or in the office and ready for presentation at the ticket counter and usually through inspection points as well. Some carriers offer on-line check-in and if it is available it is advantageous to the traveler to take advantage of the service as long lines at the check-in counter can be avoided. If on-line check-in is not available some carriers are installing kiosks in the airport otherwise counter check-in is required. When people book air tickets they often will favor the airline that offers these services especially those who have developed smartphone apps that allow the ticket to be pulled up and displayed for boarding officials and security people.

Almost every airline in the US uses E-tickets; this is also true for most of the world’s major carriers but not yet all. There may be situations that arise where the passenger flies with the code share partner of a major airline, the major airline will honor the E-ticket but there are cases where the code share partners will not, the wise passenger always checks these things in advance to avoid any problems or delays.

E-tickets can be purchased on line through the airlines own web site, a travel site or a travel agent site. Regardless of where the purchase is made the information is logged in the airlines computer system, so loosing the ticket does not pose a problem.

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