Veterinarian Stafford VA Offers Signs Your Pet Needs to be Seen

Everyone loves playing with Fido the dog or Fluffy the cat. Besides being lots of fun, it is great exercise too. However, owning a pet is more than just hours of recreational fun; like a child, animals have needs that must be addressed and they can’t readily communicate as do adults. Your dog, cat or hamster can’t tell you when he or she isn’t feeling well, so you must depend upon visual clues that will tell you. If you are looking for a Veterinarian Stafford VA, Dumfries Animal Hospital, located nearby employs plenty of animal doctors and will tell you about some clues to watch for with your pet.

If your pet refuses to allow his or her stomach to be touched, seems to be pawing at the belly, it could be a sign of urinary tract infection, digestive tract blockage or perhaps an organ disease.

If your dog or cat has begun to limp, it is usually an indication of experiencing great pain since the pets usually try to hide their pain. It could be a fracture, infection or some other ailment.

If your pet’s body temperature is less than 99 degrees or greater than 103, he or she needs to be seen immediately by a certified vet.

If your pet is staggering, this could be a sign of poisoning, a middle ear infection or some neurological disorder.

Dumfries Animal Hospital welcomes you to their practice in Dumfries, Virginia. In addition to Dumfries, they have been serving clients in Montclair, Woodbridge, Stafford and the surrounding areas for 32 years. They have a facility that will house 110 pets, with quality pet products, equipment that is state-of-the-art, a grooming facility and an apartment for 24 hour attendant watch. Among their services are anesthesia and patient monitoring, medical care and surgery for exotic pets such as gerbils, iguanas and snakes, preventive services, surgical services and wellness and vaccination programs. Do not delay the health-care of your pet today. For a qualified Veterinarian Stafford VA or any of the surrounding areas, get in touch with Dumfries Animal Hospital by visiting their facilities in Dumfries or by contacting their website,

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