Use Low Voltage Garden Lights in Your Landscaping

Low voltage garden lights are the perfect finishing touch for any landscape. From front pathways to backyard gardens, homes or businesses, garden accent lighting provides safety as well as a pleasing view at night. You can even light up your driveway so you can park safely at night! There are so many uses for garden lighting.

Show off your favorite rock wall with water feature or your custom designed stone pathway. Highlight your house numbers. Provide light to pathways and views to gardens at night. Light up your favorite stone wall or a sculptured hedge. Show the contours of your patio at night. Choose downward tilted lights which illuminate walkways and lawns while preventing light shining in your eyes. It will allow you to see your surroundings and the night sky as well. Use upward tilt lights to highlight your home. There are many different lighting designs to choose from like antique lantern look or sleek, contemporary polished steel or bronze. You can select a copper or black finish as well.

Choose low voltage garden lights for commercial landscaping to enhance public safety and building security. Select different height options for lighting immediate areas or larger surroundings. Upward tilted lights can highlight a sign or provide a clear view of a door. Save money on energy bills with low voltage lights instead of floodlights. Because of their low height and smaller design, they do not detract from the beauty of the landscaping during the daytime. You can even light up outdoor stairways with garden lights. The small lights can be attached to your railings. Light up boat docks and railings too!

Contact your local landscape lighting company like Touchstone Accent Lighting to discuss your options. They will also carry replacement bulbs and parts when needed. They can provide that unique look to fit your taste and pocketbook. The lighting you select will accent your home or business, provide added security and light up your walkways for your safety. Their small design is attractive, and they will save you money and provide views of your favorite garden, water features or other home features even at night.

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